Join Us in Paris for DIA’s Flagship European Offerings

Who doesn’t love April in Paris? Join us as, for the first time ever, DIA’s EuroMeeting and Clinical Forum will run in parallel, from April 13-15 in Paris, France.

2015 marks 50 years since the first European pharmaceutical legislation and the founding of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Health Care. Our DIA EuroMeeting 2015 has organized special sessions honoring both the EMA and the EDQM, including our interactive Regulatory Town Hall Meeting moderated by Fernand Sauer, first Executive Director of the EMA.

How do you feel about social media in clinical research? Come Join the Debate: This House believes that people are unwilling to make their data available anonymously to aid the battle against serious diseases while carelessly sharing personal data through social media will be the subject of the Oxford-style plenary debate that will open our 8th Annual Clinical Forum: Clinical Development Riding the iWave, presented in parallel with our 27th Annual EuroMeeting: Development, Innovation, Access and Patient Safety, April 13-15 in Paris.

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