DIA’s Global Forum: Driving Ideas to Action

The April issue of DIA’s Global Forum online magazine is now available at http://globalforum-online.org. In this issue, experts take a deep dive look into several of the “trends to watch” from DIA’s “What Lies Ahead” report which was released in February. The April issue is the first in our new reader-friendly and content-rich format, featuring fresh perspectives from industry experts.

Included in the issue, two articles look at the #1 Trend on our list, “The Rising Influence of Payers: Driving the Need for Evidence-Based Outcomes.”

Dr. Gregory Daniel and Morgan Romine from the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at Brookings look at this trend from a US-bases perspective, examining the growing need for payer engagement to promote the development of new treatments while also making good on promises of value-based health care reforms, in their article ““Cost, Value, and Patient Outcomes: The Growing Need for Payer Engagement.

Edith Frénoy, of EFPIA, examines the trend from a European perspective in “The Rising Influence of Payers: Driving the Need for Evidence Based Outcome Information and Creating a Challenging Pricing Environment for Targeted and New Therapies.”

We also have two articles examining trend #2, “High Visibility for Clinical Trial Data Transparency.”

Dr. Janet Woodcock and Dr. Anne Rowzee, of CDER, FDA, provide insights from a regulatory perspective in their article “Clinical Data Transparency.”

Dr. Andrew Garrett of Quintiles tackles the same subject from a European perspective in ““The Transparency Agenda: Pandora’s Box and Rabbit Holes.

Finally, Eric Racine of Sanofi-Aventis and Marcia Horn of the International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) approach the trend of growing patient engagement in “Are You Ready? Patient Empowerment is here to Stay.”

All of these articles, and much more, can be accessed by all readers (no log in required) at www.globalforum-online.org. What do you think of Global Forum’s new look and this month’s content? Let us know in the comments.

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