In Case You Missed It: April Global Forum Looks at Industry Trends Across the Globe

Have you read the April issue of Global Forum yet? Featuring a new look, and in-depth content from an expanded editorial board, this issue is available open access (no log in required) at

The April issue takes a deep-dive look at the 10 industry trends for 2015 identified in our recent “What Lies Ahead” report (view pdf). In addition to a Special Section with feature articles on three of the top trends, we also asked experts from around the globe to comment on how they see these trends shaping up in their area of the world.

Dr. Silke Vogel, Associate Dean at Duke-National University of Singapore, providing insight into which of the identified trends resonated for ASEAN community.

Dr. Richard Day surveyed his colleagues and peers in Australia and New Zealand for their opinions on the trends as they impact the “down under.”

Dr. Ling Su and Fuyu Song offered their take on What Lies Ahead in China.

For the European Perspective, John Lisman weighed in with the themes he sees trending in Europe.

We also look at areas where the industry is still growing. Professor Ranjit Roy Chaudhury lends his extensive expertise in a commentary on the trends in India, while Vincent Ahonkhai offers perspective on industry trends in Middle East/Africa.

How do you see these trends impacting work in your corner of the world? Let us know in the comments.

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